Once again, thanks to God and the sincere efforts and the efforts of a large family Sardsaz Khodro Another golden leaves turned and the company’s credit, organization and development of the province as the unit of research excellence in the automotive industry and the driving force was introduced.

In this regard a ceremony attended by President of Industry, Mine and Trade Isfahan, chairman of the House of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran and a number of managers and owners of Industries and Mines held on 93/11/09.

Top R & D centers in Isfahan province were praised and award statuette research and development unit in Isfahan province and a driving force in the automotive industry, was presented to Mr. Gorji CEO esteemed company.

Large families SardSaz Khodro congratulated the success of the efforts of all colleagues, especially colleagues Research, Development and Engineering at the honor, played a significant role, we sincerely appreciate.

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